Need Some Help Keeping
Your Business Wheels Turning?

Trying to manage your day to day marketing activities, while still keeping the big picture in mind, is like that trick where you pat your head while rubbing your stomach. Challenging and disorientating. It’s hard to keep your eye on the prize while juggling administration, customer service, distribution, advertising, accounting, taxes…you know the drill.

Despite the challenges, it is important that you always have your long-term goals in mind when making day to day decisions. The success of your brand demands it.

There are many days when you will have a question about your marketing that can only be responsibly answered by someone who has your big picture in mind.

Day to Day Big Thinking

Where did you go for answers the last time you were in this position? Who did you ask? Did you even know what to ask?

You probably Googled the question first, and found a wide variety of OK, but generalised examples. You might have asked friends or acquaintances, who did their best to help by sharing their own personal experiences. You might even have posted your question in a Facebook group and were either overlooked, or inundated with responses from people wanting to sell you their services. Or worse still, you were given answers that did not suit your business, were regurgitated from a million other blog posts, or were just plain WRONG.

So, where CAN you go for quick, actionable advice that is specific to your bigger business goals as well as your current situation?

I would like to offer a solution.

As your virtual marketing consultant, I will be on hand whenever you need direction. I will aim to address your immediate problem, answer your marketing-related questions, suggest some workable options and point you in the right direction to a longer term solution.

Be prepared to answer a few key questions first. I need to understand your business, your values, your mission and your objectives. I will then give you my professional feedback, recommend qualified resources when asked, and be brutally honest with my advice. If I can’t answer your specific question, I will use my resources to find out.


Yes, and we can discuss this on an as-needs basis once your initial queries have been attended to. I might be able to help you myself, or I may recommend one of our preferred suppliers who specialises in that area.


Over the past 30 years I have studied, self-trained, trained others, run small businesses, consulted, free-lanced and worked for both agencies and client-side. I’ve done the drudge work, the planning, the board room presentations, the budgeting, the number crunching and the research. I’ve succeeded and failed and learned hard lessons along the way. I still learn many new things every day. And I truly love working with small businesses.


Example One

Problem: You want to upgrade your new website and need advice on the best choice of platform.

Solution: I will review your business model and make recommendations according to requirements, budget and longer term needs. I will also provide the steps to move forward.

Example Two

Problem: You have read that you need to produce lots of content to promote your new business, and don’t know where to start.

Solution: I will look at your current situation and determine whether or not this is the best option for you at this time, or, in fact, at all. I will give you my suggestions as to the best marketing activities for your business and give guidelines and suggestions on how to proceed – including tools, implementation methods and measurement.

Example Three

Problem: You have implemented some of my suggestions and would like some help in reviewing your progress.

Solution: I will review your campaign in terms of messaging and creative, and analyse your results so that you can set benchmarks for ongoing evaluation.


Once subscribed, you can ask me as many questions as you like, and I will spend as much time as needed to answer them to you satisfaction.

You can move with your business confidently, knowing that you have a champion in your corner, at call, when needed.


It does not include the implementation of the proposed actions. This will either be quoted separately, or referrals to qualified suppliers provided.


This service is designed to be affordable and flexible. You can subscribe on a month to month basis, or annually:

$49 per month (month to month), or
$499 annually

You might, for example, be going through a period of change or a new strategic direction and would benefit from a short period of additional support. Or you may more confident in knowing that you have a experienced professional on hand at any time to steer you in the right direction, make recommendations or confirm your decision-making.

2019 is going to be a big year for marketers. Emerging technologies and ease of accessibility have made marketing more competitive than ever before. Which leads to both opportunities and new challenges, especially for those without marketing and/or technology experience.

If you would like to add a Shameless Marketer to your business arsenol, you can subscribe here. Money back guaranteed if you don’t feel you are getting value from the service.